Dog Daycare Makes Dogs Happy

Now accepting new dog walking, daycare, and boarding clients!

We’ve increased our staff and capacity to accommodate a few more members of our pack!

Is your dog getting enough exercise? When a dog shows anxious energy or excessive barking it can be a sign that they aren’t getting the opportunity to work off the energy they need on a regular basis. 

Even if you go for a walk every day, it just might not be enough. Many clients will supplement their daily walk routine with one to three days of Structured Daycare per week. 

What is Structured Daycare?

Great question!

Stress-free solo time in the yard.

  • We let your dog get to know the backyard at their own pace by sniffing and marking as they like.
  • We are watching for behavioral signs that the dog is becoming comfortable in their surroundings before introducing any other stimuli.
  • Human interaction is important at this point to establish trust and create the human bond. We also inspect their coat and feet to look for any sensitive areas or pre-existing conditions.

Small packs of playmates that complement your dog’s behavior.

  • We begin the interactions by introducing your dog to our dogs. We have three older dogs that are very relaxed and get along with everyone. Once we see this interaction has gone well, we bring out another dog to meet.
  • By now your dog is relaxed and comfortable in a small pack. As we see positive responses and body language, we bring out more dogs, one at a time until a good balance is met.
  • A trained, professional human is constantly supervising all the interactions of the pack. This is when we take photos and videos to share with owners.

Training and discipline.

  • Many of our clients have undergone extensive training to become the good dogs they are. We are committed to keeping up the good behavior by reinforcing this training using the same methods they are used to. 
  • We are proficient with verbal commands, clickers,  slip leads, prong collars, and e-collars. 
  • Structured walks in the yard and the neighborhood are included when dogs need to get some more one-on-one time.
  • Trainers can work with us in advance to ensure all communications are understood and safety concerns are met.

Quiet nap time in a safe, comfortable environment.

  • Time to relax is just as important as time to play. When a dog understands the difference between the two, it can lead to a calmer overall demeanor and happier dog.
  • Our dedicated dog suite is a quiet and safe place to lie down and sleep soundly. No excessive barking here – when it’s time to chill, it’s time to chill.
  • We don’t use wire crates because they can create stress and make too much noise in a multiple-dog environment. All our crates are Ruff Land™ performance kennels which are safer and easier to clean.
  • And yes, some of the bestest doggos get to spend some time on the couch with us for snuggles.

Dog Daycare Rates

While our rates are competitive, our service is unmatched.

There will always be cheaper options out there, but we are by no means the most expensive. We have limited availability and a very high demand in this area of Charlotte.

Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with your dogs and you. Rates are based on many factors including dog size, age, and temperament as well as frequency of visits.

Ultimately, we want your dog to be happy and our service to affordable.

  • Adult $40 and up

    Over 2 years old

  • Teenager $50 and up

    1-2 years old

  • Puppy $60 and up

    8 weeks - 1 year old

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Daycare Consultation

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