Personal, Passionate, Professional Dog Walking

Consistent daily structured walks provide a long-term positive benefit for your dog. 

We completely understand that not everyone has an extra hour every day to spend with your dog. But most dogs need exercise every day in order to stay healthy and maintain good manners. 

Dog Walk CLT provides reliable, professional walking plans to fit your and your dogs’ needs. 

Dog walking is like a box of chocolates… you never know what you’re going to get.

Dogs are different. Some dogs love to walk. Some dogs would prefer a litter box. Some dogs need extra time in the yard to do their business after a walk because pooping on a leash still feels weird to them. And some need extra convincing just to get out the door. Some dogs are very nervous around strangers. And some want to play with everyone and everything (including the leash).  No matter what kind of pup you have, Dog Walk Charlotte is here to help.

Some dogs need to see the treat first.

At Dog Walk Charlotte we understand that dogs, like people, all have specific and special personalities. We strive to provide you and your pup with a customized walking or boarding experience that takes into consideration each dog’s personality and needs. Each experience is personally catered to provide the owner and their pet with the most productive and enjoyable time possible.

Dog Boarding in Our Home from Dog Walk Charlotte

Dog Daycare Rates

While our rates are competitive, our service is unmatched.

There will always be cheaper options out there, but we are by no means the most expensive. We have limited availability and a very high demand in this area of Charlotte.

Our goal is to build long lasting relationships with your dogs and you. Rates are based on many factors including dog size, age, and temperament as well as frequency of visits.

Ultimately, we want your dog to be happy and our service to affordable.

  • Single Dog Walk $20 and up

    Half hour visit includes vigorous walk, manners practice, cuddle session, and high quality photos.

  • Once a Day, 5 days a week $90 and up

    The same walker will visit at the same time each day.

  • Two-dog Single Walk $30 and up

    Two dogs? No problem! You get 50% off the second dog!

Here's a just a few of the dogs we have had the pleasure to walk...